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(([likes]*2)+ ([share]*2)+ ([comment]*60)+ ([comment-plus]*120))/60
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I'm a micro influencer on Instagram with a few thousand followers. I used to struggle to find relevant content to share with my audience. But since I signed up for Overdrive Viral, I've been getting a steady stream of content that my followers love. I highly recommend Overdrive to any micro influencer who wants to grow their audience and make some extra money.
Alina Garilova
Fashion Blogger at Fashion Nova
I’ve been actively using LinkedIn for years and had no idea that I could make money from my account! With Overdrive Viral, I get new content alerts right in my inbox. I can easily engage with the content and get paid for every engagement! It's a win-win for me and my followers.
Francesca Unger-Young
LinkedIn User with a Passion for Travel
I'm a Facebook influencer with a community of moms. I’ve been getting content alerts for the past few weeks from ODV. I usually comment on the posts and share with my followers. I’ve seen my followers grow since using the system and it doesn’t hurt that I get paid to engage!
Lonnie Smith
Beauty Ambassador at Birchen

How does this benefit me?

Get a constant stream of relevant content to share with your followers.

Grow your followers with added visibility to other people with similar interests.

Earn money by interacting on social media


How much time will this take me?

At a minimum, you can earn money just by liking a post. That takes seconds. The top earners provide 20 word comments, which still takes under a minute to write!

Monthly via PayPal or Payoneer.

With your engagement, we’re able to drive value for our customers by boosting their posts.

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